Electro / Indie / Pop

You would think that from the basement which rang to the sound of his first songs to the steamy heights of France’s major festivals, the career of José R Fontao was inevitably linked to that of Stuck in the Sound , a voice and a silhouette associated with a band at the forefront of the French indie rock scene. To tell the story of José solely through the success of his role as the front man for his band would be an error, for not only has he not limited his talent to one project but he has expanded his creativity to his duo with buddy Romuald, SARH with DJ Pone, along with his participation in the production of his brother’s band I AM UN CHIEN The story does not stop there or more to the point it does not start there. José has other tales to tell, more personal, straight from the soul, that go beyond the frontiers of the groups …introspective as against collective. So, after a career spanning 18 years, José took the major decision to go solo, without for so much turning his back on his band Stuck in the Sound who still have plenty of gas in the tank. With a freedom of expression that offers the chance to affront new and more personal subjects, without losing the roots of the band’s that he formed the hooded singer opens up for the first time and we discover a new face and personality. But who is José? José has not always been an easy name to bear, a source of playground mockery, a name detested by some, but today a godsend for the artist plunged into his roots for a source of inspiration. With this project we discover an artist with a rare generosity and sensitivity who has brought together these memories that were stashed away in the back of his mind. A universe full of images, silhouettes and flashbacks immortalized forever. After the first single « Dada » which evoked the memories of his childhood, José unveils a second face to this project exploring hyper-modern electro sounds in an innovative EP with an ultra-modern production. Between pop songs and house the project reveals all the sides of an artist who has never sought to be pigeon holed. An artist who has reclaimed his identity, an identity complexed maybe, traced through his personal experiences, summed up in a word. José.